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Monday, November 24, 2008

On putting things off...

"Its never too late to reconsider an Important Decision
It helps you attain more Precision
You can explain things with Concision
But everything is Preceeded by a Distant Vision"

- An anonymous BITSGian Spamming on DC

Of the innumerable things that each of us has to do, we choose to put off some for later, while concentrating on few others. Often, there are things we keep putting off without realizing what we are losing out on. And most often than not, its the long term things that we put off, and prefer to complete the short term ones, so that we may focus on the long term "things" when the time comes.
But then that time will probably never come until we choose to make time for them.
And for me, that time has to come.

Monday, November 10, 2008

State of statelessness

It is at times such as these that you wonder the state that you're in. And the only solace you can find, is in the belief that "itll pass".
If you're confused, so am I. Coz I find myself in a state where I have ample time for nothingness, and no time for work. Will get back to blogging when I'm out of this state...

(Picture courtesy phdcomics.com)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Smurfs...

This is a tale of a place far away
paradise on earth, its an island at bay

The 'Smurfs' as the inhabitants were fondly called by the people,
Had nothing to do with their skin-colour being purple

The smurfs were happy, they knew no desire
No competition, no fancy fashion, no claim on property, no quest for attire

It was all fun and joy, and everyone was content
until one fine day, arrived a jew... , with a malicious intent

He sold them an idea, a business, a plan
He sold them a dream, He said 'together we can'

And so it was, and indeed, together they did
The smurfs worked hard, they were diligent and intrepid

Scrooge, the Jew was visibly overjoyed
It was his farmland for which the smurfs were employed
He grew crops and fruits and vegetables that were nice
of breeds exotic, befitting the smurfs' paradise

The smurfs were happy, for they got fat payments
10 coins each, for a day's work, for enjoyment

Within under a month, Scrooge was overjoyed and excited
for his tiny little market, brimming with buyers, was crowded
He also ran a restaurant, where he offered delicacies exotic
The smurfs watched in amazement -
-as the fruits and vegetables of their island, transformed-
-into delicious retreats of wonder and magic

Scrooge was happy, satisfied, overjoyed and content
He brought new joy and pleasures to the ignorant smurfs; he had a happy intent.

Even the smurfs, their payments increased
With new delicacies to relish, their excitement had peaked

And so the smurfs were happy again, they knew no more desire
No competition, no fancy fashion, no claim on property, no quest for attire

Until one fine day, a new dish adorned the menu. It was called the 'paradise bright'
Those who had relished it, cried out in ecstacy; nowhere on earth will you get such a delight
But alas, the heavenly desire cost 50 coins per dish
'How are we to arrange, for so costly a dish?'

Dont worry, said scrooge, you can take it now, if you want, for ten
your earnings will increase, and with your savings, you can payback then
But every day you delay, you incur upon yourself
A payment of interest amounting to a coin a day in itself

The smurfs thought for a moment, decided it through, and said why not
"we earn 15 coins a day; and for today's delight, we can spare a coin or two a day, can we not?"

So it was decided, and the smurfs were happy again
From every perspective, it was everyone's gain
They were overjoyed and content, it was anyone's call
Living beyond one's means is so much fun after all

But then one fine day, Scrooge decided
It was time to expand, new land to be added
More smurfs to be hired, expansion is fine
"But How am I to pay, the new smurfs who join?"

"Dont worry, I know what ill do" thought Scrooge, he was proud.
He summoned the new joinees, and told them aloud
"I'll pay you half your wage, every day for this month
and give you your rightful due, in installments from next month."

So it was decided, and Scrooge was happy again
From every perspective, it was everyone's gain
He was overjoyed and content, it was anyone's call
Living beyond one's means is so much fun after all

Until one fine day, the weather gods relented
It thundered, it stormed, it poured unbounded
The crops were destroyed, the produce wasted
The land was flooded, and the smurfs were disappointed

With nothing to grow, the profits finished
The employed smurfs, had their incomes diminished
A frustrated Scrooge demanded his due: "You all owe me for the 'paradise bright'
Which you so excitedly relished, with much delight"
"How can we pay, with our incomes dwindled?", said the smurfs with exhaustion
The end of the month was soon approaching, it was a perilous situation
For now it was time, for the installments to begin
"What do I do now?" thought scrooge, from within

The smurfs owed Scrooge, and he owed them
"The bubble's burst; this crisis, I have to stem"

The smurfs, concerned, demanded a fresh start
But despite the crisis, Scrooge was smart
He went to the landlord, of his own accord
and Demanded some credit. "Liquidity Crunch, My Lord"

And so they discussed, and they all agreed
That liquidity and credit was the solution indeed
"Why not?" said the landlord, "I have some credit"
If you promise to repay from a part of your profit

So it was decided, and everyone was happy again
From every perspective, it was everyone's gain
They were overjoyed and content, it was anyone's call
Living beyond one's means is so much fun after all

Until, that is, the bubble bursts again; and you fall...

Yes, I know what you're thinking, and before we jump to that, lets see what different people say about the situation:

The nazis would blame the jew. The jew robbed the honest and hard working smurfs, a rich and happy and content island; and corrupted them with greed. The jew should be executed and all those who dissent should be too.

The Socialists and communists would blame capitalism and the free market system. "Its evil" they'll say. They'll criticize the landlord for supporting the Jew. And would ask for a complete nationalization of the land and resources and let everything be owned by the state. They forget, though, that by doing so, they are putting themselves in Scrooge's shoes; except, they have absolute power and control over law.

The free market thinkers of the likes of Edmund spencer would put this off as a case of inflated economy, and would call for corrective measures and increase in credit and liquidity...

Me? I just feel that the people are dumb. The free market way is the best way there is. Its the people who misuse it. If a street rogue comes to you and sells you a watch which you later find out is fake, who are you going to blame? Its you who is to blame.
If someone commits a murder with a swiss army knife, you arent going to sue the manufacturers, the culprit is the guy who misused it.
Its the people who misuse the system and since no-one likes themselves blamed, the blame shifts on to the system.

As long as our mindset will be focused on the belief that we can relish, now, the fruits of seeds we are yet to sow; then there is something fundamentally wrong with our thinking...