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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wind Up

Found this somewhere on the web...

Wind Up

When I was young and they packed me off to school
and taught me how not to play the game,
I didn't mind if they groomed me for success,
or if they said that I was a fool.
So I left there in the morning
with their God tucked underneath my arm
their half-assed smiles and the book of rules.
So I asked this God a question
and by way of firm reply,
He said - I'm not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays.
So to my old headmaster (and to anyone who cares):
before I'm through I'd like to say my prayers
I don't believe you:
you had the whole damn thing all wrong
He's not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays.
Well you can excommunicate me on my way to Sunday school
and have all the bishops harmonize these lines
how do you dare tell me that I'm my Father's son
when that was just an accident of Birth.
I'd rather look around me - compose a better song
`cos that's the honest measure of my worth.
In your pomp and all your glory you're a poorer man than me,
as you lick the boots of death born out of fear.
I don't believe you:
you had the whole damn thing all wrong
He's not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A passing thought...

I sit back here in my hostel on a hot Saturday morning (did I say morning...guess its closer noon than morning..damn, time flies), one of those days you dont know how you are going to spend but you end up spending it eventually anyway; and of course at the end of a sunday you'll end up wondering
"how d hell did da weekend just fly by?"
No. The weekend din fly by. You went right through it wondering how to spend it; and realize that rather than spend the time, the time just spent you.

I know, those of you who know me will be surprised at the my renewed concern for time...but thats what this summer internship at CEERI has taught me above all. Imagine when the freedom of doing what-you-want when-you-want is suddenly snapped! you've got to adapt, adapt to the monotonic routine that is imposed upon you. And then enjoy every bit of time that you take off this routine and spend to your liking. It makes me realize the importance of the ignorance and bliss back at college.

So, here i am on a hot, rather burning hot morning an sayin to myself: whatya doin here? not that Im so busy in my summer internship, colloquially known as PS in the BITS dictionary, but again, the BITS dictionary is only for fags...thats what the IITians say..an we tell'em "you're d fags". Its funny...it reminds me of the time I went trekkin to the Pindari Glacier...we were split into "ropes" (basically teams) lead by our rope leaders who were the pro-hikers...and we used to yell to the others that we're gonna win the best-rope-award an the others just yelled back "you're the fags and fags ne'er win!"...and all the time we kept cursing ourselves for having come for this trek at all; but looking back today I can definitely say that I still cherish those 3 weeks and would do anything to get back there...among those friends, cursing the cold and warming the tent, watching the sky and admiring the dawn, cursing the water for bein so cold, and yet enjoying every bit of the experience..now unforgettable.

So! I say to myself: Whatya doin? I just finished watching a wonderful movie called "The Perfect Storm". Its wonderful not because of a Superb storyline, or excellent effects etc...Its wonderfull because its been done with great devotion. It tells you that if you really want to do something and you give it everything you've got, you'll come up with a creation that no1 will ever forget to cherish.

So I ask myself again, Whatya doin? Im Graduating. Completing 4 years of blissful (did I say that? yes I did!) existence at BITS. Its like the legions in the Roman Army, getting ready to fight, to unleash ourselves into the battlefield...yes thats right...we're like the soldiers..in the infantry...ripening our skills at training centers that we call college. We prepare to enter the battlefield that we call the world. each one will go his own way..some will be the infantry, some will be the archers, some will operate siege weaponry while others will nurse the injured; Some will lead legions, while others shall perish. Some shall expand their empire while others will surrender, some will make a mark while others shall be forgotten in anonymity. Its funny how things correlate when u compare them.

So here I am, asking myself: what am I doin? nothin much, just writin a blog entry and am nearly done with it.
What abt you?
Whatya doin?