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Friday, August 31, 2007

A new start

Lights go out, and I cant be saved
Waves that I tried to swim against
have drowned me in this sea of change

Long time to cover up, lots of spaces to fill in but the composition more or less sums it up. Last couple of months have been a helluva lot of first-time-experiences jam packed into one hell of a ride.

Well, lets see, It all started last semester with the Imagine cup national finals. In concurrence with murphy's laws, it happened to be bang in the middle of our compre exams and we had to be given a makeup for it. The going was great, though not amazing, we managed to get our project working despite faulty net connections, Windows config problems, many of those [dangerous bugs that dig their tentacles deep into your app and plan to surface at the perfect time they could cause the maximum possible damage], and of course, pathetic luck. It was pretty amazing, believe me, the we finally did get it working on d D-day! The ordeal went fine, and as luck has it, we managed to come second (well actually, its National first runner-up, to be precise :)).

Experience is the only thing that one can take out of time spent. This summer found me as a project trainee at CEERI, Pilani. A fresh experience - that; besides the rajasthan climate, that is. (The hottest place ive ever been, and probably will ever be: regularly touched 48+ degrees in d aft). But you cant take the credit away from the land of the 'rajahs', an oasis in the desert, swarming with peacocks as your friendly neighbourhood animal. And of course, the camels.
It really does put fairylands to shame, doesnt it?

Well, I did manage to get out of fairytale and back to reality, and gladly! Now I have a fresh semester to face and the entire 3rd year of college beckoning. The single most effect that this summer has had on me is the change of perspective. A fresh new way of looking at things, some say, can mean a world of difference. Change is the only thing constant and the only thing that prevails.

The all-pervasive power of change
will break you free of all your chains
and slowly, but surely, before long,
It will take you where you truly belong