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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Multiple Personalities

There is this magical connotation attached to the word 'personality'.
Everyone is obsessed with it, without exception.

From concerns of a first impression, to job prospects to even social interactions, personality is always at the forefront.
And the only thing that's constant about it is change.

With all the experience that life brings our way, we change; and so does our personality. But somewhere on this transition, we leave behind footprints and memories of what we were earlier.

From when I've arrived at bangalore, its been almost a new start.
Even though I wouldn't say I'm a hard-working-student here at IISc (am I? :-D), my every effort here is in trying to prove just that to my mentor and guide. Back at hostel, though, my sincere room-mate believes I'm a party freak and night-life addict who just comes back to the hostel for the night, late, and goes off in the morning (sometimes even staying all the night out, and almost more regularly recently!). I would've told him that its not really regular parties that keep me up every night, if it werent for this strong urge to play along... I'm still trying to understand the source of this great urge to 'play along' so to say. Probably its fun to just let people make assumptions and see how things go on. And probably it brings the fun back into your life and makes it a little more entertaining.

And again, there's this veteran owner of a chain of restaurants here who thinks I've just entered college. Of course he would, I had figured that while seeking accommodation, rather than explaining people about the concept of summer internship, I'd rather blend into the crowd and become a college-goer looking for a decent dorm. And now its fun to see him advising me about college life whenever theres an opportunity for an interaction between us. Again, wouldnt it spoil the fun if I told him I was 3/4th of my way through college already?

Of course, all of us have differing personalities. We are different to different people, and different at different situations. Some are radically different, while the others are far more subtle. But here's one thought worth deliberating: what if somehow one or more of these personalities came to a clash? Imagine if, say the veteran restaurant owner somehow turns out to be a relative of my faculty guide at college (O.o) Such are the what-ifs which convince one to live a simple and transparent life, void of inconsistencies. But living on the edge somehow seems to be a fascinating exercise for me (of course, only when taken lightly and not on a very serious note). Probably just adds a little spice to the mundane life we have. Or probably I'm just too idle to be thinking up all this (then again, if I wouldnt be so jobless, I wouldnt be writing this post).

I guess its time to try and figure out which of these personalities probably got someone to puncture my cycle tyre today morning...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Random Musings...

'convince the unconvinced'
There was once this eccentric professor at college who was known for his absurd obsessions especially when it came down to testing the students for what they had learnt in a semester long course of Philosophy and spiritualism.

It was one such occasion, when the professor handed out test questions to all of his class students. The paper had just one question. Before the start of the exam, he had placed a wooden chair atop a table. The question asked the students to argue and prove that the chair did not exist using all the profound knowledge they had supposedly gained after the Philosophy course.

While all the students were busy jotting down theories, arguments and counterarguments to prove the nonexistance of the chair, one student had surprisingly finished the paper and handed it back within a minute. Considering him to be an ill-prepared student sure to flunk, the others continued on their quest. From buddhist non-materialistic view of the world to the various other analogies, the students profoundly related them to this particular chair, all in an effort to imply its non-existence.

Later after the exam, when the results were announced, it came as a surprise that apart from that one student, the professor didn't consider anyone worthy of having completed the course.

Upon request of the answer sheet, it was found that his paper had a one-line answer "What Chair ?"

A little snippet I found adorned on someone's gtalk status :-P

Positive thinking is....

A little bird up in the sky,
U look up & it shits in your eye,
U dont mind & U dont cry,
U just thank god that...cows dont fly!!!!!

I'm Looking for a dream...

I'm looking for a Dream
a glad respite yet a true calling...
savouring memories, so close and yet so far
Its not easy, not now or ever, to be me

I'm just here to find
the better part of me
and I realize I'm the kind
who was never meant to be

"close the world,think it through
is this, really, who is you?
not today, not tomorrow
maybe when your time is through...

They won't tell you,neither can I
it's your prerogative, learn to Fly
You are the one, just haven't figured it out yet
there's still Time, take the Plunge, make a Bet"

Im looking for a Dream
A Vision of hope, without judge
a glad respite yet a true calling...
until I find, decide and take the plunge...