A random collection of Reflections on my experience of life...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm Looking for a dream...

I'm looking for a Dream
a glad respite yet a true calling...
savouring memories, so close and yet so far
Its not easy, not now or ever, to be me

I'm just here to find
the better part of me
and I realize I'm the kind
who was never meant to be

"close the world,think it through
is this, really, who is you?
not today, not tomorrow
maybe when your time is through...

They won't tell you,neither can I
it's your prerogative, learn to Fly
You are the one, just haven't figured it out yet
there's still Time, take the Plunge, make a Bet"

Im looking for a Dream
A Vision of hope, without judge
a glad respite yet a true calling...
until I find, decide and take the plunge...