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Sunday, June 15, 2008

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'convince the unconvinced'
There was once this eccentric professor at college who was known for his absurd obsessions especially when it came down to testing the students for what they had learnt in a semester long course of Philosophy and spiritualism.

It was one such occasion, when the professor handed out test questions to all of his class students. The paper had just one question. Before the start of the exam, he had placed a wooden chair atop a table. The question asked the students to argue and prove that the chair did not exist using all the profound knowledge they had supposedly gained after the Philosophy course.

While all the students were busy jotting down theories, arguments and counterarguments to prove the nonexistance of the chair, one student had surprisingly finished the paper and handed it back within a minute. Considering him to be an ill-prepared student sure to flunk, the others continued on their quest. From buddhist non-materialistic view of the world to the various other analogies, the students profoundly related them to this particular chair, all in an effort to imply its non-existence.

Later after the exam, when the results were announced, it came as a surprise that apart from that one student, the professor didn't consider anyone worthy of having completed the course.

Upon request of the answer sheet, it was found that his paper had a one-line answer "What Chair ?"

A little snippet I found adorned on someone's gtalk status :-P

Positive thinking is....

A little bird up in the sky,
U look up & it shits in your eye,
U dont mind & U dont cry,
U just thank god that...cows dont fly!!!!!